Friday, November 19, 2010

Pesto Pasta with Chicken & Mushrooms

Pesto Pasta with Chicken & Mushrooms
Makes 4 Servings

16 oz. chicken
10 oz mushrooms, chopped
2 tsp olive oil
8 oz. barilla spaghetti
100 grams (1/2 cup) Trader Joe’s Pesto Sauce
4 tsp reduced fat parmesan cheese
8 basil leaves, chopped
Salt and pepper to taste

Set a pot of water to boil and set two pans over medium heat. For the smaller pan, spray with fat-free olive oil cooking spray and add chicken to pan. Sprinkle salt on chicken and cook until brown. For the larger pan, spray with cooking spray and add olive oil. Once hot, add mushrooms and saute for 5-7 minutes until golden brown. Add salt and pepper to taste. While mushrooms are cooking, cook noodles per instructions (9 minutes for spaghetti). Once noodles are cooked, drain and add to larger pan. Add pesto, mushrooms, and chicken to larger pan then mix thoroughly. Taste and season with salt and pepper if needed. Top with Parmesan cheese and basil. Serve hot.

Nutritional Information: 487 calories, 45 carbs, 18 fat grams and 39 protein grams.

Review: An easy staple! Very flavorful with the pesto + fresh basil, and filling with the chicken + mushrooms. This is easy too and cooks quick. And it has a bit of oil to it so it tastes much more sinful then it is!

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