Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Main Blog

I debated on whether or not to link my two blogs. I mean, obviously the original blog links to this one, but this one could technically stand alone. Anywho, I know that sometimes I comment as Kelly, sometimes as Healthified Kitchen and sometimes as Fitting Back In so I thought i'd just bridge the gap in case anyone came here first not knowing about my other one!

Fitting Back In is my main blog - it's more of a personal diary with everything from pics of family and friends, book reviews and shopping to workouts, organization tips and home decor. The Fitting Back In tab "Recipes" links over to this blog, where I post recipes and meal plans only. Healthified Kitchen really grew out of Fitting Back In as a place for me to drill down by ingredient and more easily plan meals!

I hope this clears up some of the confusion I've gotten in emails. :) Fitting Back in, Healthified Kitchen and Kelly are all the same person- me, the big cheeseball smiling at you at right! I know many of you know this, and thank you again for coming over here for my recipes!!

FYI - the link to the blog is also now available in the top navigation bar. Thanks so much!

~Kelly AKA Fitting Back In AKA Healthified Kitchen :)

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