Sunday, November 21, 2010

Turkey, Artichoke & Swiss Panini

Turkey, Artichoke & Swiss Panini
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First, make Garlic-Herb Sandwich Spread: ¼ cup fat free mayonnaise, 2 tsp minced garlic, juiced squeezed from ½ of a lemon, ½ tsp lemon zest, 1 tbsp fresh basil, ¼ tsp dried rosemary, ¼ tsp dried oregano. Put in a food processor and process until smoothed. Makes 3 servings.

Then use the following:
½ tsp olive oil
3-4 roma Tomato slices (2" diameter)
2 slices Hormel Natural Choice turkey (36 grams)
2 slices Whole Wheat Tuscan Pane (87 grams)
Artichoke hearts, quartered and marinated (25 grams; about 4)
1 slice light swiss cheese (I used Jarlsberg lite)

Spread 1/3 of the garlic-herb spread on each slice of bread, then layer cheese, turkey, tomato and artichoke hearts on top. Sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste. Put top on. Brush outer sides of sandwiches and grill on Panini maker (or George Foreman!) until golden brown. Put on a microwavable safe plate and cook for 40 seconds or until cheese is fully melted. Remove, cut in half and serve.

Nutritional Information: 374 calories, 51 carbs, 11 fat grams and 25 protein grams.

Review: It was SO good! The NI is up a bit on this one because I used much more bread (57 grams on last panini), but it was fab and FILLING. I had mine with a ½ cup of Amy’s Tomato Bisque (Austin had the rest of the can - 1.5 cups - and a larger Panini!).

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