Saturday, September 25, 2010

Easy Madras Chicken Curry

I used a new product from Whole Foods, seeds of Change Madras Simmer Sauce .
1 pound chicken, diced
3 cups rice
3-4 tbsp diced cilantro
1 jar Seeds of Change Madras simmer sauce

Add chicken to a pan sprayed with nonstick spray. Cook for about 7-8 minutes until no longer pink. Then pour the whole bottle in, stir it a bit and cover for 10 minutes. While covered, cook rice in the microwave and divide into 4 servings. Then top rice with the cooked curry/chicken mix and sprinkle with fresh cilantro. Voila! Curry in 15 minutes tops!

Nutritional information: 424 calories, 62 carbs, 5 fat grams and 27 protein grams.

Review: AMAZING - it tasted super fresh even though clearly it had no fresh veggies in it. I could see tossing in some red bell pepper, onion or tomato if you wanted to, but it's really great on it's own. I know making your own sauce is preferable, but with this at only $4 that's $1 per serving so pretty sweet! We'll be buying this item again for.

Here is my picture again in tupperware:

Here's the 4 tubs it made - 2 mixed and 2 non-mixed! (I like to mix the ones i'm going to refrigerate - it keeps the rice from getting dry)

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