Monday, April 5, 2010

Breakfast Breaded Casserole

Adapted from My Once a Month Cooking
Breakfast Breaded Casserole
4 servings

6 eggs
1 package Jimmy Dean Reduced fat sausage, browned and drained
1.5 cups fat-free milk
1 cup fat-free shredded cheddar
1 tsp dry mustard
8 slices Nature’s Own whole wheat bread

Brown sausage. Mix with eggs, milk and mustard. Stir well. Place in slow cooker. Rip up bread and stir into egg mixture. Sprinkle cheese on top. Cover and cook on high 2 hours, then low 1 hour. Divide and serve.

Nutritional Information: 464 calories, 29 carbs, 23 fat grams and 41 protein grams.

Review: This was REALLY good and makes lots of food - really large servings. It definitely has that dry/strata bread taste. The wheat bread taste is strong so if you're not a huge fan definitely try white wheat or a bread you love.

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