Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Top 5 Recipe Cravings

 In case anyone missed the Facebook "announcement"...
I thought it was somewhat subtle?
One of the biggest things I'm disliking about my new preggo state is not being Paleo. I miss it, truly. But meat had been making me very squeamish. In truth, just thinking about it made me a little sick to my stomach and vomity. Clearly, without meat, Paleo wouldn't be an option, and I decided If I couldn’t be Paleo, I wanted to be healthified. (I came to this realization after a couple of days of fast food - the baby made me do it - and of course the resulting tummy ache, thirst, et.c). I found that I was able to get to visit my blog (before the thought of food disgusted me; yes, even photos). I found 5 recipes that sounded good. Food sounded good!! I made them, repeated, and was in heaven! 

While it's not entirely ideal, and it's certainly not paleo, this is pretty much my diet right now.

Q: Any preggos out there - what are you craving or what did you crave when preggo? I'm pretty much like give me some carbs with a side of carbs on top of carbs. Oh, and a dessert of sour candy.

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