Monday, April 11, 2011

DIY Fruit Cups

DIY Fruit Cups

25 grams banana
45 grams apple
70 grams grapes
75 grams strawberries
50 grams pineapple
Lemon juice (to keep the fruit pretty)

Weigh out and cut all fruit. Add to container. Squirt with a bit of lemon juice. Shake container and voila - a perfectly portioned fruit cup.

Note: If you don't like apples but LOVE bananas, try this mix: 75 grams banana, 70 grams grapes, 100 grams strawberries and 40 grams pineapple for 145 calories, 42 carbs and 1 fat gram.

Nutritional Information: 123 calories, 37 carbs and 1 fat gram.

Review: Yummy of course! And it’s way cheaper to make your own than buying the cups in the store!

All 8 cups with extra strawberries in one!

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