Saturday, March 12, 2011

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies
Recipe from Better Homes and Gardens
Makes 36 cookies
DISCLAIMER: These are NOT healthified. I know, I know -then why are they on the site? They're on here because we do a St. Patty's party every year and they're awesome. The end. Don't hate me! :)

1 pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix
½ cup butter, softened (stick butter)
½ tsp mint extract
1/4 tsp green food color
1 egg
1 cup Andes crème de menthe baking chips
1 cup semisweet chocolate chunks

Preheat oven to 350. Mix cookie mix, butter, extract, food color and egg in a bowl. Stir until soft dough forms. Stir in baking chips and chocolate chunks. Using gloved hands, form small balls of dough, about 2" in diameter, and place them 2 inches apart on ungreased cookie sheets (3 rectangular sheets with 12 cookies each). Bake for 8 to 10 minutes. Cool 3 minutes. Store tightly covered at room temperature.

Nutritional Information: This is not healthified! It's just a fun event dish for St. Patrick's Day. Or maybe Christmas. I dunno - I guess you could make green & red cookies - fun! Anywho - no nutritionals today! :)

Review: Wow. It's like a chocolate thin mint. Move over girl scouts - i've met your match. I had a half of one of these and was pretty dang impressed with myself (j/k - it's a super easy recipe). I'll definitely make this again and could see this recipe being used again for sure! Probably a fun one for kids, too. :)

many of the 36!


Lisa said...

Those sound totally delicious and that color makes them perfect for St. Patrick's Day this week. I have a sweet treat linky party going on at my blog and I'd like to invite you to stop by and link your cookies up.

fittingbackin said...

Thanks, Lisa! I linked it up - what a great site you have!

Lauren said...

I didn't know Andes made baking chips! That's dangerous for me, as I'd likely eat the bag before beginning to bake!

fittingbackin said...

Yes! After much (much) searching I found that of all places Wal-Mart carries them (not publix, not Kroger or Trader Joe's). :)

Pam said...

Mmmm. My mint loving family would really dig these cookies.

fittingbackin said...

Pam they were kind of insanely good!