Saturday, September 25, 2010

Easy Spicy Thai Linguine

Spicy Thai Linguine

Makes 4 Servings

16 oz. chicken, diced
½ cup Thai Kitchen Spicy Thai Chili Marinade
8 oz. linguine
1 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp dried cilantro
1 tsp canola oil

Cook pasta per instructions. Add large pan over medium heat with oil. Add chicken and ¼ cup marinade. Stir until no longer pink, then add noodles, the remaining marinade and 2 tsp of sesame seeds. Stir until mixed well, divide into 4 servings and top each with remaining sesame seeds and cilantro.

Nutritional information: 388 calories, 53 carbs, 4 fat grams and 34 protein grams.

Review: Love it. It was super spicy, which I liked, and so very easy. It didn't reheat too well- it lost a bit of its flavor. However, great the first time around but beware of the spiciness!

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